Art Museume

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In this stunning museum, you can view exhibitions and permanent collections by renowned artists. Explore the history of the region through the fascinating masterpieces by local painters and Arab artists who have significantly enriched the Arab art scene.Explore the silent magnificence of various mediums and techniques that will spark your imagination. Throughout the year, the museum holds a variety of temporary exhibitions and art events. The Art Library embraces over 4000 titles in Arabic, English and other languages, along with visual and audio materials.

Al Mahatta Museum

Explore the history of flight at the first airport in the UAE

The airport was used in 1930s as a staging post for commercial flight routes from Britain to India. From man’s first attempts to fly to landing on the moon, explore the history of flight and the development of aviation in this region at this museum, which is located in Sharjah’s first airport building. Watch an interesting film about the daily life at the airport and in Sharjah Town during the 1930’s and experiencem first-hand this fascinating period of Sharjah’s history. The original propeller planes, fully restored, stand guard in the hangar alongside the original refueling tanker.

Museume Of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

The Islamic Museum was first inaugurated in the Heritage Area on the sixth of November 1996. This museum was then transformed, under the directions of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to the traditional Souq Al Majarrah (opened as a souq in 1987). The museum was then re-opened under the name “Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization” on the sixth of June 2008, after transferring the re-interpreted and re-displayed collections from the previous museum to this redesigned state-of-the-art museum.

Archaeology Museum

Sharjah Archaeology Museum

The museum contains all the archaeological artifacts that were discovered in Sharjah. The mission of the museum is to preserve, interpret, and exhibit all the artifacts that have been found in Sharjah since the beginning of the excavations in 1973 up until now. All excavations assert that Sharjah boasts a proud rich deep-rooted history; it hosted settlements and villages thousands of years ago. Visitors get the chance to learn about the civilizations that developed in the region from the Stone Age up until today, through the artifacts, coins, jewellry, pottery and ancient weapons showcased in the museum. The archaeological findings reveal the connections and relations between Sharjah inhabitants and their neighbours in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as with other civilizations.

Calligraphy Museum

Al Hisn Fort

Mleiha Archaeological Center

Heritage Museum

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum

Visit Sharjah Maritime Museum and discover the history of the traditional fishing methods, sea songs, pearl diving and trade trips in the United Arab Emirates. The museum presents marvelous and diverse aspects of the sea-related life that had such a great impact on Sharjah’s heritage, and the development of coastal cities for over 6,000 years.Explore the traditional wooden seafaring dhows used for fishing, trading and pearl diving. Enjoy the beauty of the genuine Arabian pearls collected by our ancestors from the deep blue waters of the Gulf, which still possess the same luster and glamour today as they did when they were first harvested.

Heart of Sharjah

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Heart of Sharjah

Heart of Sharjah is the largest historical preservation and restoration project in the region. Planned over a 15 year period, to be completed by 2025, it seeks to revitalize the heritage district as a vibrant cultural destination by unraveling a glorious past – restoring historical buildings, constructing new structures following traditional Sharjah architecture and transforming them into hotels, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and markets, where the current generations and the future generations can experience Sharjah’s cultural and social fabric.